New markets, new challanges.

New markets, new challanges.

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With the increasing demand of cusotmers  looking for non hotels accommodations, decided to enter the market that has been dominated by Airbnb for the last couple of years.



Our goal was to design the tools that could  help expand the inventory of private properties such as homes and apartments on the site.

The main challenge was to take existing tools that has been built for hotels and big chains and simplify them for our regular customers and potential properties owners.

Wa wanted to provide these tools on mobile, so we could allow hosts to easily manage their properties via the Agoda app.



Preliminary research showed that users tend to switch roles between hosting and traveling, and so the decision was made to integrate the tools into the current Agoda app which at the time was mainly used by travelers.

We began our process by examining the current experience and task flows for hotels, eliminating any features that only added complexity to the host tools.

We realized that a major component that was missing from our current hotels experience was the option of direct communication between hosts and travelers. This was crucial for building mutual trust.

Another key feature that was missing was the option to accept or decline received booking. A feature that was very important for hosts that needed to screen travelers' requests.


The challenge we were facing was to build those tools from scratch, and find a way to incorporate them into the existing system without affecting hotel users.


We wanted to keep the tools consistent with the current experience of the app

However we didn’t want to make it a constraint that will prevent us from providing the optimized experience for a multi tasking tool.

In the process of designing the calendar we had to face a few iterations because usability testing results showed us that although it was much more simple than its hotel equivalent, the interaction was still complex and confusing for some users who failed to achieve simple tasks such as updating availability and pricing.


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