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Hi, my name is Nahum and I am a user interface and a user experience designer with front–end background skills and 10 years of expertise in designing and testing usable, meaningful, and beautiful web and mobile interactions that satisfy users needs and answer business objectives while focusing on results.

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My design process start with asking the right questions and identifying the core problems needed to be solved together with the stakeholders and the teams. Intrigued by the need to learn and understand the true key issues and challenges a business is facing, I conduct comprehensive and rigorous research into users needs, competition analysis and the business strategy.

I fiercely advocate for user-centric design thinking within the agile an lean product development process, pursuing innovative notions that are valuable both for the user and the business. From initial rough sketches to low and mid—fidelity wireframes and prototypes, I explore and validate concepts and ideas to make sure the design are usable and meaningful.

Design is never done and forever evolving, and deliverables are not the end, yet another step in the user-centric design process I practice. I measure, learn, iterate and repeat until user needs are satisfied and business objectives have met through the full life cycle of the product or service.

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